F Woodworking Clip

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Spreader Work Bar Clamp F Clamp Gadget Tool DIY Hand Speed Squeeze Quick Ratchet Release Clip Kit 4 inch Wood Working

1.Reinforced nylon material: durable for use.
2.Perfect for packaging, carpentry, and furniture projects.
3.Good tool for quick woodworking, manual work, DIY handmade craft...
4.Easy to handle and convenient to use.
5.grip tightly without damaging or scratching the surfaces.

Using Tip
1.Press the quick release button to free the jaw, then squeeze the trigger to apply pressure.
2.Once set, the jaw is locked and will not shift.
3.When the job is finished, simply press the quick release button to let go of workpiece.

1.Product: F Woodworking Clip
2.Material: Plastic
3.Size:4 INCH
4.Color: Black&Orange

Package included
1* 4 inch F Woodworking Clip