Adjustable Plane Spokeshave

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CartLife's SpokeShave with flat base is a woodworking hand tool designed for curved work, such as shaping chair seats or legs.
This is an all-around spokeshave that all woodworkers should have in their shop. Fine adjustment of the blade is achieved by using the 2 adjusting screws

Specification :
Size : 9 inch ,blade width : 1-3/4 inch
Material : Metal and steel, brass
Blade : SK5 tough carbon steel blades
Blade Hardness : 60HRC
Main Color : Black,Red

Package include:
1*9" Adjustable Spokeshave

Why Choose US :
【Double-screw】Double-screw adjustment screw to adjust the planing thickness and for convenient control.
【SK5 Blade】Blade material is SK5 tough carbon steel,high hardness and sharp to make wood working easier.
【9" Spokeshave】 The 9 inch SpokeShaves are widely used in planing complex surfaces and irregular patterns on your wood craft such as arcs and curves.
【Starter/Beginner】Perfect for starter/beginner use.
【Spokeshave Advantage】The CartLife SpokeShave is small, easy to control,features to adjust the cutter depth.And it worth to own in everyone's woodshop. DIY small project, it is a good choice.