T & G Router Bit Set

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CartLife 2PCS of Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set with 1/4 Shank,3 Teeth T Shape Woodworking Milliing Cutter for Professional,Beginner,Carpenters - DIY Woodworking Tools for Doors,Tables,Shelves

Safety !!! Please kindly read again when use Tongue and Groove bits

✔ . Slowly push,RPM≤ 18000.
✔ . Clamping to at least the “K” line, the short clamping of this product might cause bend.
✔ . It can NOT use on high hardness material.The 1/4 inch shank bits provide greater stability and less vibration during use.
✔ . Please do the necessary protective measures in woodworking processing.
✔ . The bits used for CNC table mounted portable router or hand-held router, please not be used in electric drill & drill machines. DO NOT cutting ferrous metal and non wood materials, such as: steel, iron, sand, etc.

About CartLife Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set :

Cut perfectly fitted tongue and groove joints ideal for wood flooring, wainscot paneling,drawer,cabinet,shaker style panel doors, or other woodworking.
Great for hand-making and other woodworking job, preferred choice of professionals and hobbyists , also good for home and improvement. Hope toughe and groove bits make your job more conveinent and easier!

Specification :
▶1. Toolth width : 1/4"
▶2. Tooth depth : 1/2"
▶3. Body materials : Solid hardened steel
▶4. Cutter materials : Industrial grade C3/YG8 micro-grain tungsten carbide
▶5. Package Weight : 0.52lb
▶6. Package Size : 9.5 x 7.5 x 8.5 inch

Package :
1x Tongue Router Bit
1x Groove Router Bit
1x Plastic Box
1x Carton Box

The maintenance of CartLife router bits:
(1) The router shank is in high-speed during operation, timely replenishment of lubricating oil is very important for the service life of the shank, so a little lubricant should be added after 2-3 hours of work.
(2) Keep the router bits clean. After use, remove the resin, wood chips and other contaminants from the wood and use standard industrial solvents to clean the bits.