Woodworking Tools Instroduction

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Woodworking Tools Instroduction

Woodworking tools refer to tools used in wood processing. Generally, it has a sharper cutting edge, so you must pay attention to safety when using it. Need to be sharpened frequently, especially planer knives and chisel knives, must be sharpened at any time to save effort and ensure quality during use. The so-called "knife sharpening does not cut wood by mistake"

Electric tools can be divided into multi-function tools and single-function tools (such as electric planer, jig saw, electric circular saw, sanding machine and engraving machine) in terms of function; pneumatic tools include polishing machine and nailing machine ; Hand tools can be divided into measuring tools, hand saws, woodworking planes, wood files, hand chisels, wood sandpaper.

Multi-function tool:The multifunctional electric tool commonly used in decoration woodworking is adopts swing design and provides many unique and free and wide-ranging uses. Only one machine and various accessories can realize sawing and polishing. , Scraping, cutting, filing and compacting operations, no sparks when cutting iron plates, safe and reliable.

Hand saw:The hand-saw cutting process is an important part of the production and processing of traditional furniture.

Hand planing:The joints of the tools, the atmosphere and rules of the various linear productions are all manifested in the production and correct use of woodworking planes. There are many types of manual planing, which are used in the production process of rough planing, fine planing, netting, netting, starting line, planing, and rounding of wood.

This time we will introduce these first, and we will continue to introduce them to you in the next issue.

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